Trainers and Training


The Centre’s training programme offers the following benefits to the staff as they prepare to dispense their tasks leading to content customers:
  • Recruiting and training at the grass-root level
  • Candidates possessing clarity in terms of job description and the deliverables expected thereof
  • Knowledge of the client's facilities
  • Knowledge of the training requirements for the same
  • Internal training & assessment
  • Pre-empting the special training needs- particular requirements, language skills, etc.
  • Training offered to staff at all levels
  • Strict assessments as per the needs of the site & regular monitoring
  • In-house facility to re-train/ re-assess should the need arise
  • A satisfied and productive workforce
  • Regular audits conducted by the British Institute of Cleaning Science
  • Improved service standards translating into satisfied clients

Tanzifco Training Centre is committed to:

  • Higher standards of work performance
  • Greater understanding and appreciation of factors affecting work performance
  • Sharing of ideas and dissemination of best practice
  • Effective management and implementation of change
  • Encouragement of team spirit
  • Increased motivation and job satisfaction


We recognize that employees are the most important resource of an organization. We are committed to the training and development of our workforce so that they acquire the necessary skills to reach their full potential. This assists in enabling the organization to achieve its aims and objectives through a well-trained and supportive team. By increasing the skills and knowledge of the staff, an organization is able to produce confident and highly qualified staff which works as an effective and efficient team.
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