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Waste Management Services
Our goal is to always preserve the environment. In line with the Governmental objectives, we comprehensively adhere to this vision. One of our objectives is also to promulgate waste management and provide outstanding services for waste collection and management all over the UAE, using our vast years of experience since our company was established in Kuwait.

We are dedicated to put forth Tanzifco Emirates L.L.C. as delivering waste management services in all aspects, but not limited to domestic waste segregation, recycling activities and waste collection to landfill disposal.

Waste management service delivery is strictly governed by up-to-date standards which minimize impact on the environment. Our aim is to aid the Government with an alternative partner to work hand-in-hand for a more efficient and comprehensive waste management system.

This division specializes in collecting waste from the points of origin. It is equipped with up-to-date waste removal trucks and is set -up with modern compactors. We also supply waste bins and waste containers in various sizes. Waste management involves the following scope of work.
Area Cleaning
  • Cleaning all areas in the city as allocated by the local Municipality.
  • Garbage refuse removal on a daily basis from all areas.
  • Attending special refuse pick-ups around the clock.
Road Cleaning
  • Cleaning all roads in the city with the latest road sweeping machines
  • Providing sweepers for hire on a private basis.
Site Cleaning
  • Cleaning of rubbish and debris from construction sites.
  • Private supply of containers as per customer's needs and requirements.
  • Private pick- up of any kind of garbage.
Dumping Sites
  • We collect your garbage and dispose it off in a hygienic way which meets international standards.
  • The garbage collected from all over the city is taken by us to various waste disposal sites where it is dumped according to the local Municipality methods and rules of the environment protection council.
  • If we are controlling the landfill site, we cover and level the garbage and trash trenches we have dug and insert 6" pipes to let out the polyethylene gas during the decomposition of the garbage.
  • Water is sprayed twice daily on every site to prevent the dust from rising.
  • All garbage trenches are sprayed weekly with insecticides.
  • These jobs are done under the supervision of professionals and with the use of heavy equipment such as bulldozers D8 and a large fleet of heavy vehicles.
  • Dumping sites taken care of by us, will always keep the site pollution-free and safe from environmental hazards.
  • The basic parts of a landfill comprise following:
  • Bottom liner system- separates trash and subsequent leachate from groundwater
  • Storm water drainage system - collects rain water that falls on the landfill.
  • Leachate collection system - collects water that has percolated through the landfill itself and contains contaminating substance.
  • Methane collection system - collects methane gas that is formed during the breakdown of trash.
  • Covering or cap - seals off the top of the landfill
Compost Plant
Compost plants are the natural way to recycle the organic part of municipal solid waste.

Composting is a natural biological process, carried out under controlled conditions, which converts organic material into a stable humus-like product called compost. During the composting process, various micro-organisms, including bacteria and fungi, break down organic material into simpler substances. Composting is an aerobic process, meaning that the micro-organisms require oxygen to do their work.

Some of the organic materials that can be composted are food scraps, leaves and yard wastes, agricultural crop residues, paper products, sewage, sludge and wood. Compost can be utilized in many applications depending on the quantity produced and the quality of the product. High quality compost meets the requirements of agriculture, horticulture, landscaping and home gardening. Medium quality compost can be used in applications such as erosion control and roadside landscaping. Even low quality compost is effective as a landfill cover or in land reclamation projects.