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Tanzifco Training Center
Tanzifco Training Centres: Towards Superlative Training & Service Levels with BICSc Accreditation
Tanzifco firmly believes in investing in its manpower and thereby providing services as per internationally accepted standards. The BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science) certified Tanzifco Training Centres (TTC) in UAE, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Oman are directed towards this end.

All about Tanzifco Training Centre
We are amongst the first in the Middle East region to achieve the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) accreditation by way of having our own Tanzifco Training Centre in UAE which is a BICSc certified assessment centre. The only task that lies ahead of us is to build upon the existing foundation and utilize the experience that we possess in managing such a facility with the added advantage of being able to control the recruitment process as well with the support of a local partner in the country from where manpower is being recruited.

One of the biggest opportunities that this project offers is that we, the employer gets the option to interact with the prospective employees at the initial stage itself thereby allowing us to exchange thoughts freely and assist them in overcoming any doubts or hesitation. The benefits of the training centre are:
  • Making candidates realize the value of training
  • Adequately reaching out at the grass root level in the targeted local markets
  • Communicate with the candidates effectively and directly
  • Vigilant and dedicated control and supervision of daily matters
  • Managing the manpower demand – supply matrix for the Group in the Gulf region optimally

It would be an ideal situation to be present in the market of origin with the assistance of a local partner so as to recruit directly and train the candidates.

Tanzifco’s in-house training centre’s sole objective is to train the staff as per the Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate standard of the British Institute of Cleaning Science. Tanzifco Traing Centre is a certified assessor as well as a corporate member of this prestigious institute. With its headquarters in Northampton, BICSc is the largest independent professional and educational body within the cleaning industry.

The Training Centre’s goal is to train, educate and graduate each of its personnel as a BICSc certified cleaner. The effort is to excel industry standards and set new benchmarks vis-à-vis cleaning parameters. Moreover, the aim of the training programme is also to educate further the hand-picked qualified team and supervisors and thereby push the threshold of quality and precision of service to the next level.

Our Trainers & Affiliations
The Training Centres as in UAE will be spearheaded by assessors who have been certified by the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc), UK and Cleaning Management Institute (CMI), USA. Our assessors possess a roaming assessor’s license also. This enables them to conduct assessments on-site too.

The faculty comprises of the chief assessors and a team of trainers under them. They not only provide the initial training and orientation to the staff, but also coach as per the skill-set requirements of the client. The faculty members’ expertise lies in being customer-oriented and gauging the training needs beforehand.

The course at the Centre includes modules such as: Health & safety at work, grooming standards, colour code techniques, chemical competence and many more; encompassing significant issues related to a cleaner’s profile. Utmost care is taken to cover all aspects that a cleaner would face while carrying out the daily tasks. This is followed by regular evaluations. In addition, the cleaners are encouraged to undergo the BICSc training programme at the earliest, thereby enhancing their proficiency.

Our assessors’ attention to detail while monitoring a routine cleaning task is impeccable as they strictly scrutinize performance as per the BICSc standard. They have successfully pursued the various levels of BICSc Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate. Apart from other things, our faculty members are adept at handling and managing all training activities as per the ISO standard. They pre-empt the training needs as per the requirements of the clients and evaluate the training programmes at regular intervals as well.

Apart from BICSc and CMI, we are also members of ISSA – International Sanitary Supply Association, the world’s most recognized body representative of the cleaning industry.
Advantages of Tanzifco Training Centre
The training programme offers the following benefits to the staff as they prepare to dispense their tasks leading to content customers:

  • Knowledge of the client’s facilities
  • Knowledge of the training requirements for the same
  • Internal training & assessment
  • Pre-empting the special training needs- particular requirements, language skills, etc.
  • Training offered to staff at all levels
  • Strict assessments as per the needs of the site & regular monitoring
  • In-house facility to re-train/ re-assess should the need arise
  • When a company invests in training its staff, it leads to a happy & productive workforce
  • Regular audits conducted by the British Institute of Cleaning Science
  • Improved service standards translating into satisfied clients