The Training Centres as in UAE are spearheaded by assessors who have been certified by the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc), UK and Cleaning Management Institute (CMI), USA. Our assessors possess a roaming assessor’s license also. This enables them to conduct assessments on-site too.

The faculty comprises of the chief assessors and a team of trainers under them. They not only provide the initial training and orientation to the staff, but also coach as per the skill-set requirements of the client. The faculty members’ expertise lies in being customer-oriented and gauging the training needs beforehand.

The course at the Centre includes modules such as: Health & safety at work, grooming standards, colour code techniques, chemical competence and many more; encompassing significant issues related to a cleaner’s profile. Utmost care is taken to cover all aspects that a cleaner would face while carrying out the daily tasks. This is followed by regular evaluations. In addition, the cleaners are encouraged to undergo the BICSc training programme at the earliest, thereby enhancing their proficiency.

Our assessors’ attention to detail while monitoring a routine cleaning task is impeccable as they strictly scrutinize performance as per the BICSc standard. They have successfully pursued the various levels of BICSc Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate. Apart from other things, our faculty members are adept at handling and managing all training activities as per the ISO standard. They pre-empt the training needs as per the requirements of the clients and evaluate the training programmes at regular intervals as well.

Apart from BICSc and CMI, we are also members of ISSA – International Sanitary Supply Association, the world’s most recognized body representative of the cleaning industry.