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Tanzifco's Express Team is three-in-one armour. It comprises of the
  • Rope access team
  • Scaffolding team
  • Janitorial team
Rope Access Team
Abseiling or industrial rope access is a safe method of cleaning at heights. In places where other means of cleaning are not feasible, rope access is a safe and adaptable technique.

Tanzifco's team of workers are IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) certified. This training empowers the cleaners to use safe and proven methodology of work. IRATA certification is a validation of the fact that the worker is equipped to execute his task proficiently based on the best and safe industry practices. IRATA is the only global trade association in the field of working-at-heights.
Scaffolding Team
The scaffolding team is well equipped to tackle specialized high level cleaning tasks – both while cleaning the interior and exterior of buildings.

There are three main types of scaffolding used in the cleaning industry: supported (site-built from tubular steel and non-mobile); rolling (tubular steel and site-built with wheels); and powered platforms (including boom trucks and suspended scaffolds on high-rise buildings).Scaffolds are a very effective tool when used correctly. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has very strict regulations on the assembly and use of scaffolds in any location.
Janitorial team
The janitorial team executes the general cleaning assignments. However, while carrying out the routine cleaning tasks; special care ought to be taken about the details. Tanzifco's janitorial team's scope of work includes cleaning of carpets, glass surfaces, stone-care and other regular cleaning jobs.

Our team cleans apartments, offices, villas, other utilities, etc. within a given time-frame and as per customer's specifications.