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Tanzifco Express

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"Our vision is to be the preferred and reliable service-provider of the community."

"We strive to present our customers with the highest quality and the most effective services available. Our mission is to always preserve the environment while proficiently providing our cleaning, security and pest control service offerings."
"Tanzifco at all times will exceed the expectations of the clients by offering effective, satisfactory and exemplary cleaning, security and pest control services through its highly professional, skilled and trained staff."

Core Values
Tanzifco's principles, beliefs and the operating philosophies that serve as a cornerstone in guiding the organization's internal conduct and its relationship with all its stakeholders can be best encapsulated in its core values.

Service Excellence
Serving with integrity, efficiency and a deep-rooted commitment leading to a delighted client-base.

Client Value Creation
Endeavouring to work as our clients' reliable associate and assisting them in improving processes and efficiencies at their end.

Respect for Each Individual
Respecting and appreciating the individuality and effort of each employee, leading to a responsible, involved and self-motivated work-force.

Risk Assessment and Innovation
Nurturing a culture where entrepreneurial capacity, prudent risk assessment and creativity are encouraged.

Responsive Teamwork
Working together successfully as a unit and resolving issues pro-actively.

Responsible Stewardship
Taking pride in our company and aiming for sustainable growth while respecting our society and nation.
Fist Security And Safety
First Security and Safety specializes in the supply of well trained and astute security guards for regular and high alert areas.
Tanzifco Express

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Tanzifco's Express Team is three-in-one armour. It comprises of the Rope Access Team, Scaffolding Team and Janitorial Team.