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Press Releases
Celebrates World TOILET Day

World Toilet Day (WTD) was commemorated on 19th November 2015 to highlight the importance of cleanliness and raise awareness on sanitation and hygiene issues. At Tanzifco, it was observed through the week to spread awareness and remind the staff the importance of maintaining toilet hygiene.

“A special training programme was organized to sensitize the staff about toilet etiquettes, proper sanitation and maintaining hygiene. Further, this gains greater significance for us as a service-provider as combatting toilet germs and odour thereof can be a tall order. However, these issues which are commonly faced while maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in public toilets can be combatted easily with experience,” said Mr. Ali Deryan, General Manager, Tanzifco Emirates.

He added, “Expertise based on environment-friendly cleaning techniques utilizing enzymes leads to clean and odour-free toilets. The refresher training programmes from time to time serve as a reminder to the cleaning staff to systematically follow the correct steps in cleaning and ensure best practices and standards in the toilet hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation.”

The washroom is the most basic facility and also the most sensitive area where everyone is highly prone to catch and transmit harmful bacteria and other infections. Such days as the Toilet Day and the ensuing training programmes assist to recognize the importance of raising awareness and encouraging everybody to increase the efforts to provide proper sanitation to all.

“World Toilet Day (WTD) is a unique global platform that is determined to improve sanitation and hygiene habits,” concluded the GM.
Tanzifco raises a hand for hygiene!

Tanzifco celebrated Global Hand Washing Day through the week with a culmination of activities on 15th October 2015 to increase awareness about the importance of hand hygiene.

This year’s theme for Global Handwashing Day is, “Raise a hand for hygiene”! A special Refresher Hand Hygiene Course was conducted by the Quality Control team for supervisors and cleaners reiterating methodically the steps involved in washing one’s hands and underlining its importance in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. The activities included an intense hand hygiene training course with practical demonstrations on hand washing steps. This was followed by a quiz competition and random spot checks on hand washing; these resulted in happy winners who topped both activities.

“By participating in the campaign, we aim to raise awareness on the importance of handwashing; it's an effective and simple way to prevent diseases. Global Hand Washing Day gives us an opportunity to encourage our people again to wash their hands and practice hand hygiene at all times,” said Mr. Ali Deryan, General Manager,Tanzifco as he elucidated his thoughts on the occasion.

He added, “At Tanzifco, we provide training as per BICSc standard including mandatory health and safety training to our cleaners. This mainly gains further significance in the light of those cleaners who provide cleaning services to the healthcare sector; herein we must ensure that they provide a safe and hygienic environment to patients.”

Global Hand Washing Day events around the world help promote hand washing and raise awareness of the crucially important role it plays in improving hygiene practices in our community.
Tanzifco Hosts a Traditional Iftar Evening

For another year in a row, Tanzifco Emirates L.L.C., a strong regional player providing specialized cleaning and allied services, celebrated Iftar with its employees and their families. The grand Iftar evening was organized at Al Khaima Arabic Café, Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa and was attended by the staff with their families on Thursday, 9th July 2015.

“During this Holy Month, we at Tanzifco, get together for our traditional annual gathering. Ramadan is a time for profound inward reflection and compassion for others. It is also a time to strengthen ties and the Iftar celebration gives us an opportunity to bond with our precious employees and associates across all nationalities,” says Mr. Ali Deryan, General Manager, Tanzifco.

In the true spirit of Ramadan, the evening stood as a witness to the bonhomie and warm cheer spread across the gathering. Tanzifco has been hosting Iftar to express the company’s gratitude toward its employees and its business associates.

Tanzifco Expresses Solidarity with World Environment Day

An environmental awareness campaign was organized by Tanzifco through the week prior to 5th June 2015 which marks World Environment Day. The Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Department embarked on an awareness campaign for all its employees at all levels.

The staff at the managerial and non-managerial level participated in presentations and discussions to draw attention to the importance of conserving and protecting our environment. Further, posters were put up at strategic locations to reiterate the significance of environmental protection.

Mr. Ali Deryan, General Manager – Tanzifco says “At Tanzifco, our chief mission is to preserve the environment and we achieve this by offering a comprehensive range of high quality soft services as well as hard FM services through CFM Facilities Management Services L.L.C. We exercise due caution while executing our services with environment-friendly practices.”

He further adds, “Tanzifco is committed to educating and spreading environmental awareness in the daily work practices and encouraging employees to take such initiatives. We believe that environmental protection will not only benefit us, but also our future generation.”

Tanzifco believes that preserving the environment is a responsibility of individuals and organizations alike, each one of us can contribute efficiently to making our surrounding better and healthy.

Tanzifco re-affirms its commitment to CSR initiatives through the Earth Hour

Tanzifco participated in the Earth Hour in line with its mission of preserving the environment  and executing its services as a responsible corporate entity. 

31st March 2015, Dubai, UAE:   In keeping up with its commitment to provide a better and safer environment, Tanzifco participated in the Earth Hour on 28th March 2015 from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM by turning off the lights across offices and staff accommodation for further raising awareness on the need to halt global warming and protect the environment.

 Tanzifco, a regional player in the area of soft services participated in the Earth Hour, a global event created to bring all humankind together to fight the climate change specifically, through  Lights-Off Campaign. Tanzifco turned off lights from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM on Saturday, 28th March 2015.

Mr. Ali Deryan, General Manager, Tanzifco, states, “ At Tanzifco, we take pride in continuing our journey  in the eco-friendly revolution by participating in the event and extending our support to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) for Earth Hour. A global event like this is the perfect place for Tanzifco to encourage people and get them thinking about the impact of energy use on a worldwide scale, a cause that Tanzifco has always believed in.”

Tanzifco pursues environmental sustainability and works towards building a greener society. Tanzifco has taken this initiative to support the government’s effort to reduce carbon footprint.

“Through Earth Hour we hope to bring the energy saving and recycling concepts into the daily lives of the public. For a brighter future, we must work together towards the sustainable development of the planet.  Our participation is an attempt to be a part of this global campaign to better the environment and preserve our resources,” added the General Manager.