Sectors Served


We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services for the commercial sector – be it stand-alone offices, towers, hotels, restaurants & industrial ceiling. Whether you require commercial window cleaning, deep kitchen cleaning, maintenance or anything else, our internationally trained staff are able to ensure that your environment remains spotless & hygeinic.


We deliver a wide range of internal and external cleaning services to villas, apartments, compounds and owners associations. We design flexible and tailor-made so¬lutions for our clients to meet the changing needs. Our crew is fully trained for the job that they undertake, whether it is deep cleaning, pest control, floor care, upholstery cleaning or general cleaning.

Public places

We provide our clients cleaning so¬lutions that cater to the unique needs of health care, schools & universities and shopping malls which is are extremely specialized operations in itself due to the challenging requirements of maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, disinfection and sterilization stan¬dards. Our thoroughly trained, certified and experienced staff work be¬hind-the-scenes to help provide public places a clean and professional appearance.