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Cleaning Services
General Cleaning
General cleaning apparently seems to be an easy task, but in fact is a detailed one. We do all types of cleaning including banks, airports, ministries, buildings, offices, residential complexes, schools, etc. With experienced staff and all necessary equipment and chemicals in hand, we are confident of satisfying our customers' needs each time.
Hospital Cleaning
Hospital cleaning is a science in itself. A very high standard of cleanliness has to be achieved and maintained by specially designed hygienic procedures and practices. A good hygienic environment in the hospital is what we set out to achieve not only as our standard, but because we believe that good hygiene is one of the most important requisites and a key element in saving human life.
Kitchen Hygiene
Hygiene in the kitchen is as delicate as that in hospitals where a very high standard of cleanliness and hygienic procedures ought to be maintained. It is of utmost importance to not only maintain cleanliness in the kitchen area, but also sanitation.
Window and Glass Cleaning
Glass has to be maintained and kept clean as it reflects the personality and image of the establishment. In the UAE, most of the offices, complexes and residential buildings have a complete glass façade. Therefore, it is essential to have professional cleaning for these. We, at Tanzifco Emirates take pride in being specialists in this field and are able to clean any type of window or facade at whatever height, by using the latest cleaning equipment, chemicals and safety devices; ensuring the safety of our workers as well as of the surroundings and delighting the customers. Depending on the circumstantial requirements, cleaning at heights is executed either through rope access or scaffolding.
Industrial Cleaning
We have specialized chemicals and equipment, which help us to clean all grime and dirt from difficult locations on a large and small scale in an industrial scenario.
Airport Cleaning
Our dedication to our job can be seen and reflected at internationally recognized places where only the best methods and procedures are used. In fact, people at the Kuwait airport get a glimpse of how beautiful, healthy and clean the city is and this is due to our services at the airport.
Street Cleaning
Street cleaning means keeping the roads and main highways of the city clean. Refuse is collected from garbage cans daily and then taken to the relevant dumping areas.
Drainage Cleaning
  • Cleaning of entire drainage systems and sewage networks
  • Removal of all types of sludge, dirt, mud and grease from pipes utilizing high-pressure water jetting machines and vacuum tankers
  • Washing, suction and flushing drainage lines, bathroom floor drains, man holes, collection tanks, etc.
  • Cleaning of grease rooms and pipes connected to the main collection pit
  • Clearing sewage accumulation into treatment areas
  • Removal of manure from farms with the use of tankers
  • Maintenance of pit holes with the support of mechanical equipment
All the above mentioned jobs are carried out by highly qualified and experienced professionals with the help of sophisticated equipment. All methods and equipment used guarantee the safety of the workers, the work places and surroundings.